Francisco de Goya I’m tempted to state that anyone even remotely inclined towards artistic expression will know the pain of compromise, particularly if working with (and in) the media or on commercial commissions. But this is perhaps less true now than it ever was, and here are two of the reasons why: Firstly, to know […]

Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso: Challenging the Spin A ‘combative encounter’ with Picasso and grovelling art-speak. The National Gallery’s exhibition Picasso: Challenging the Past provided London tourists and many people in Britain with a chance to view a substantial body of work by the celebrated Spaniard for the first (and perhaps only) time. I’m not Picasso’s greatest admirer […]

Francis Bacon

The Art of Francis Bacon Bacon Not Stirred: A short essay born of an exhibition visit. The notion that you need a huge cache of second-hand knowledge, along with the acquired language of art-speak, to appreciate works of art is convenient for institutions charging upwards of £9,000 a year for such second-hand knowledge, as well […]